Spotting at Nagoya Airfield (Komaki airbase)

Nagoya Airfield used to be the domestic and international airport for Nagoya before the new Chuba Centrair airport opened. It is now a domestic airport only served by just one airline: Fuji Dream Airlines. The airport also has a military side which has KC767, Blackhawk helicopters, HS125 and many C130 Hercules aircraft based of the Japan Air Force. Also there is a Kawasaki repairplant. Not sure how active this is. We saw a few stored Phantoms and a F15.

Also there are some light aircraft and helicopters used for offshore based here. You might see a few bizjets as well. We saw two Japanese registered Cessna Citations during our visit in April 2014.

About 4 Fuji Dream aircraft are based at  Nagoya Airfield. With some carefull planning you will see them all in about two hours time.

The airport has a single runway 16/34. It has a  nice, free observationdeck located at the terminal on the west side of the runway. In the afternoon the sun is in the back. The runway is a bit far. You need about 270 mm for a C130 I guess. The Fuji Dream aircraft all park at the small finger pier and can easily be photographed from the deck. Some even with 70mm.

An alternative spot for photos is the parking lot next to the shopping mall. The shopping mall used to be the international terminal. It is now called Airport Walk. There is a fence next to the parking but it is not so low. This place will enable you to take shots of taxiing aircraft and aircraft on the runway. To reach the parking lot , exit the terminal builing, take a right and walk in a southerly direction towards the big blue building which is the shopping mall. It will take about 10 minutes walking.

To reach Nagoya Airport from Nagoya Chuba Centrair take the train from Chuba airport to Nagoya Station. There are several types of trains running on this track. The faster one does stop less and the trip takes 10 minutes less. The slowest train takes about 50 minutes to reach Nagoya Station. The station is signposted as Meitetsunagoya Station.

Exit the railway station on the East side. Cross the busy road and take a right turn. The busstop is about 25 meters from the zebra crossing. The bus stops at just a few stops before reaching the airport.

The image below shows the timetable of the bus running from Nagoya station




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