Nuclear Security Summit 2014 planespotting info

What aircraft to expect and when.


March 25 Tuesday 

C-32A 98-0001 arrived at Schiphol around 7:22

+/- 1600 dep Pakistan AF Gulfstream to London

Late night departure of Air Force One to Brussels. At Brussels a couple of helicopters arrived to support Obama visit to Belgium.

4 USAF C17s to pick up cars

thanks Ab post on Scramble

2045-2330 RCH374 M71
2145-???? RCH482 M72
2245-???? RCH373 M73
2345-???? RCH372 M74

Rotterdam Airport 

aircraft below are parked now at RTM

  • Gulfstream G65 VQ-BNZ
  • Gabon B777 good for photos in the afternoon
  • German Air Force A319 GAF847
  • TR-LEX Falcon 900 Gabon Government arrived 1700 Monday at Rotterdam

March 26 Wednesday

March 27 Thursday

3 x C17 at Rotterdam airport

07-03 MAJOR UPDATE: the possession of camera’s and telelenses is prohibitted during the NSS in the whole municipality  of Gemeente Haarlemmermeer. Police and military police can sent you away if you have a camera with you! This will be effective Saturday March 22 07:00 till Wednesday March 26 18:00

The borders of municipality Haarlemmermeer can be seen on this map.

The mayor of the municipality explained this is  a discouragement policy. I believe the police will only request you to move when using a camera is in case a place gets to crowded. The authorities need a reason to sent you away. Just standing somewhere is not a reason. I am sure you will not be fined as long as you move on request of the police. 

The mayor of the municipality still believes because aircraft cannot be seen, there is nothing interesting to go to Schiphol. He does not understand many spotters do not take photos, just like to write down the registration. Aircraft do need to land and taxi to get to the Polderbaan so can be seen from Schiphol center.

The restricted zone surrounding Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan will be effective Saturday March 22 at 18:00. It used to be Sunday 20:00. The reason for this is that some worldleaders will arrive on Saturday. Around 20 will arrive on Sunday. Most will arrive on Monday morning. 

The noodverordening in Dutch can be read here. An explanation is here. 

Photography at Rotterdam airport is not problem.

Russian President Putin will not come to the Hague. Instead the minister of Foreign Affairs will present Russia. 


Copying the content of this site and publish it on any other media is not allowed without permission!


March 24 and 25, 2014 (Monday and Tuesday) the Netherlands will host the Nuclear Security Summit. This event will bring lost of heads of state and other VIPs to the Hague. Expected are 53 participating countries and 4 organizations like UN as well as  40 government aircraft and bizjets.

58 worldleaders are expected and 5000 delegates.


Use the survey to tell whatever you want about spotting during the NSS. 

It will not help to change minds of authorities.

55 hotels with in total 10.000 beds in the Hague and neighborhood are completely booked by the Dutch authorities to house attendees and press. Also in Noordwijk on the Dutch coast some attendees will stay in hotels. Security cameras have been installed here some time ago.

So this is by far the biggest conference held in the Netherlands ever. Expect lots of security and impact for people living in the West of the Netherlands because of road closures.

This post will inform about everything which can be of  interest for plane spotters. 

This thread at is the major source of information used for this post.

some tips:

  1. Do not enter the restricted zone. There will be roadblocks which are manned by police. You will get a costly fine if you enter restricted area. It is not worth the try. The restricted zone is effective Saturday 18:00 till Tuesday 24:00
  2. respect the local rules. Do not enter private property without asking for permission.
  3. do not park cars on the side of roads if not allowed. Make sure the authorities do not have a motivation to sent you away
  4. make sure you always have your ID (passport) with you when being at or near Schiphol
  5. there will be a special law effective called ‘noodverordening’. This is installed by the mayor in special occasions and restricts free movements of citizens. This overrules the constitution of the Netherlands. 
  6. Police can sent you away as a noodverordening is effective. Best is to avoid any contact with authorities. Keep a low profile.

The airport itself is a so called veiligheidsrisico gebied (security risk zone). This means authorities have to right to do a preventive bodysearch with no clear reason. It might be possible other areas around the airport are temporary assigned as veiligheidsrisico gebied as well.


I created  Twitter account @wheretospot . I will post frequent updates about this blog and also during the event to keep you up to date on expected traffic .

Frequently asked questions
Answers to questions many of us have will be answered here shortly. Answers will be filled in when more news is known.

  • Will the parkingplace for spotters at the  18R/36L be open during the NSS?
    no, the whole area around the Polderbaan will be closed for everyone starting Saturday 18:00
  • Will the observationdeck at Schiphol airport be open?
    Schiphol spokeswomen said the observationdeck will be in principle open. It has a capacity of 2000 people. If the deck gets to crowed it might be closed. If authorities believe it will be too busy in advance, the deck can be close days before the NSS event starts.   The possession of a camera and or telelens is prohibited. You can however use binoculars and pens and pencil. You are even allowed to breath. 
  • Can I see traffic at all the runways from observationdeck?
    Runway 18R/36C will be closed. All other runways can be seen from observationdeck. Although views towards 18C are very limited. 
  • Will the McDonalds at runway 27 be open?
    Yes. Also same restriction. If area gets too crowded and traffic is affected, the area could be closed. Camera’s not allowed in the whole of Haarlemmermeer. 
  • What facilities are organized by the airport authorities?
    none ! 
  • Which roads are closed?
    see the section below
  • What are alternative locations for photos or viewing?
    Photography is still possible outside the municipality of Gemeente Haarlemmermeer. The border of the municipality is the Ringvaart, a big canal. The ringvaart is located about 500 meters from begin of 36R and 1000 m of 27. You will have to find the spots yourself and need some big lenses. 
  • how can spots outside the airport be reached by public transport?
    very difficult  
  • Can we take photos of departing traffic?
    This depends on the runway usage. 


Schiphol Airport will be used by most attendees. It has been decided Polderbaan  18R/36L will be the runway used for parking, and it will be taken out of use  on March 10. 40 to 50 aircraft are expected to be parked there. The Polderbaan 18R/36L will be used to park 32 aircraft.  It will be closed for several weeks for scheduled maintenance as well.
Schiphol’s total capacity will be reduced during the summit due to airspace closure affecting traffic flow.

Road closures

Highway A5 will be closed. The road next to the taxiway connecting runway 18R/36R will be closed. This taxiway will be used by aircraft bringing delegates. The cyclepath running paralel to runway 18R will be closed. The road running close to the threshold of 18C will be closed. All closures are effective Sunday March 23 20:00 till Tuesday 24:00

This page of the Gemeente Haarlemmermeer has a lot of information.

I guess ATC will have a strong preference for landings on 18C carrying delegations. This runway is very close to the parkingposition. Roads around the runways will most likely be closed for security reasons.

Security at and around the airport will be very tight! Expect military, police and officers in civil clothes to guard the area. All known places where you can spot will  be closed during the event.

A large area around the airport is designated as a veiligheidsrisicogebied (securityrisk area) . More information here.This means police/military police have the right to bodysearch anyone without a reason. The main purpose of such an area is to prevent usage of weapons. People can move freely around.

Mind a noodverordening will be active around the airport as well.

An area around the Polderbaan and Zwanenburg baan will be closed starting Saturday 16:00 till Tuesday 24:00.

This link downloads a large PDF file showing the map below. You can see all roadblocks marked as purple circle.

The green area is closed for all persons expect people living and working in the area. They need special permission to enter. As you can see the area around 18C is closed as well.


So expect you will not be able to come to places for spotting. Also do not expect you are able to park your car in the neighborhood of runways and taxiways. I suggest to take your bike or rent a bike.

Information on where to spot at Schiphol can be found at the Scramble airfield guide

The Panorama terras / observation deck at Schiphol will be open. However if there are indications the deck will be too busy the authorities can decide to close the observationdeck. This can even be decided a couple of days before the NSS event starts.

From the observation deck you will be able to view landing from 18C. Decent photos however are not possible  because of the distance to this runway. This photo provides an overview of 18C from the deck.

This map shows Amsterdam-Schiphol apron map (credit Erik S.):

This map shows closed roads in the neighborhood of Schiphol airport. it will be updated when more news is announced.

Delegations will disembark the aircraft at spot P6 and P7. This is at the de-icing area south of Tower west near the Polderbaan. See the map for the locations.

You can rent a bike at the Schiphol airport railway station and the Hoofddorp railway station. See this map for their location and this site for more info on OV-Fiets (public transport bike)

This map shows the runways in use for takeoff and landing at Schiphol airport

This is the NOTAM showing closure of runway and taxiway. This is the source.

A0301/14 NOTAMN
Q) EHAA/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5218N00446E005
A) EHAM B) 1403271100 C) 1404201500
A0300/14 NOTAMN
Q) EHAA/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5218N00446E005
A) EHAM B) 1403100830 C) 1404201500
A0298/14 NOTAMN
Q) EHAA/QMXLC/IV/M  /A /000/999/5218N00446E005
A) EHAM B) 1403100830 C) 1403200600
A0296/14 NOTAMN
Q) EHAA/QFALT/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5218N00446E005
A) EHAM B) 1403200600 C) 1403271100

Obama will sleep in a hotel in Noordwijk and not on a Navy board as stated earlier by Telegraaf newspaper.

Dutch Navy will patrol the coast.

Airspace above the west of the Netherlands  in a circle of 50 miles around the Hague is restricted. Regular airtraffic approaching Schiphol from the south will have to detour and fly around the restricted area. AWACS planes will control airspace.

Rotterdam The Hague airport 
About 3 to 4 delegations will arrive at Rotterdam airport. The reason for this is the location of the hotel for these delegates. The Scramble airport guide containing info on best places for photos is here.

Expected but not confirmed for Rotterdam are Gabon B777, Swedish Air Force Gulfstream  and Turkish Government A319

On Tuesday afternoon 6 US Army came in from Germany and landed at Rotterdam airport. They were all parked in a hanger for the night.
Taken from user AK01
Duke12 O-23757 Landing 15.35
Duke78 O-24647 Landing 15.52
Duke54 O-23855 Landing 16.16
Duke22 O-23386 Landing 16.25
Duke15 O-23875 Landing 16.33
Duke32 O-26019 Landing 16.37

On Wednesday two C17 s landed at Rotterdam: 10-0213 RCH360 and 95-0104 RCH361. They brought two VH60 helicopters (163262 and 163264). See a photo here. 

After the NSS has finished three C17’s are expected at RTM to pick up cargo.

Taking photos was still okay on wednesday March 19. However authorities were starting to put new temporary fences with black plastic which does not allow views at the Jetcenter. Rumours are more places are not accessible in the coming days. Even the spot near the firebrigade training area near the runway might be closed.

Do not put your steps next to the fence. The police will think you might climb over the fence. Put the steps 1 meter from the fence. 
************Blijf gewoon van het prikkeldraad af. Los je fotoprobleempje op een andere manier op, zodat wij allemaal daar kunnen blijven fotograferen.***********

***************************Be smart & sensible; Do not manipulate the bard-wire, not even briefly. **********************************

The former naval airbase Valkenburg (near Leiden) will be the base of many  Dutch army Apache, Chinook and Cougar helicopters. The base was closed many years ago but will be temporary opened.

Also helicopters of the Dutch police will be stationed here to guard the airspace and coastline. A medical helicopter will be stationed at Valkenburg as well.

In total 19 helicopters will be based here. See this infographic.

6 AH-64D
2 CH-47 (Medevac)
4 AS532U2
7 police helicopters

At March 21 armed Apache helicopters will arrive at Valkenburg. They depart March 26.

 Present at March 21 

Chinook D-106 as GRZLY01
Chinook D-655 as GRZLY02

Apache Q-25 as REDSK14
Apache Q-26 as REDSK13
Apache Q-08 as REDSK53
Apache Q-13 as REDSK54
Apache Q-21 as REDSK21

Cougar S-447 as WILDC4
Cougar S-445 as WILDC3


Currently one of the airbase hangars is used for a musical. Performances March 19 till March 26 are all cancelled due to activity at airport.

Most likely the airbase will be closed again on Tuesday afternoon. First musical performance on Wednesday March 26 14:00

Eindhoven Airport

Airspace over the Hague and Eindhoven in a 9 mile circle will be closed. Aircraft which do not adhere to the no fly zone will be escorted by F16’s to Eindhoven airbase,

Two F16s will be in the air 24 hours a day to patrol the area. They will be refuelled by a KDC10 tanker of the Dutch Air Force.

road closures
To transport the delegations to The Hague many roads will be closed. A5 will completely be closed, Part for motorway A4 heading south, A44 etc.

See this page for a detailled overview. This page of the VID has a very detailled overview of road closures.

Mind closure of Hoofddorp and Nieuw Vennep motorway exits.

Programme of NSS summit 

  • Delegations will be expected to arrive on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 22,23 and 24 March in The Netherlands

Mororway closure to transport delegates at these times:

  • Sunday 16:00 till Monday 15:00
  • Tuesday 13:00 till Wednesday 05:00
  • The Summit starts on Monday, March 24 at 13.30. Delegations will be received by Dutch prime minister Rutte at the World Forum. After the official opening, the plenary meeting will start.
  • In the evening,  there will be a reception by HM the King at the Royal Palace with working dinner
  • Tuesday, March 25, the plenary meeting will continue at 9.00. Also, there will be bilateral meetings
  • After the official picture of the heads of delegation and the closing session, the NSS 2014 ends with a press conference in the media center.
  • Most delegations will leave on Tuesday and Wednesday 25 and 26 March

Arrival/departure times and days of delegations

As runway 18R/36L is closed due to parking of aircraft Schiphol airport losses a severe part of its capacity. As a result airlines are requested to cancel flights as possible. Also all flights with delegates including state flight a required to file a slot request.

On Monday morning most delegates will arrive at Schiphol airport. Some on Satuday and a few on Sunday. This is the source (in Dutch)

Participating countries

Mind the following countries are invited. Not all will probably attend at the highest level (head of state).

Confirmed attendees

This is a list of all confirmed leaders attending NSS

Some speculation about which aircraft to expect. No guarantees till confirmed. All unconfirmed and guesses at the moment

My guesses are based on visits of leaders of states to events like the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Zurich. Have a look at this great site for photos of aircraft visting WEF over the years.

As 5000 attendees are expected I guess governments will use large capacity aircraft. However those less important staff might come over by regular scheduled flights as well.

Algerian Government Airbus A340-500 7T-VPP
Argentina – Argentina Government B757-200 T-01 (Tango 01)
Armenia A319CJ EK-RA01
Australia Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-700/BBJ
Brasil VC-01A A319CJ 2101  or Embraer ERJ190BJ
Azerbaijan Boeing 767-300 4K-AI01 callsign BAKU01
Canada CC-150 / Airbus A310 15001
Chile – B767-300 Chile Air Force FAC985
China – Air China B777-300  (17 in fleet)
Czech Republic – Czech Air Force A319
Denmark – Danish Air Force Canadair CL-604
Egypt – Egypt Government A340-200  SU-GGG
Finland – Finnish Air Force Lj-35A
France – Falcon 7X /  A330 / A340 are likely candidates
Gabon B777-200 TR-KPR    Flightaware
Germany – German Air Force A319
Georgia – Georgia government Gulfstream G450 4L-GAF / CRJ2 4L-GAA
Hungary – probably chartered bizjet
India – Air India aircraft B747-400 ?
Indonesia Garuda A330-300
Israel – ELAL Boeing 737
Italy – Italian Air Force Airbus A319CJ / Falcon 900EX
Japan – Japanese Air Force Boeing 747-400 FR24 tracking callsign JF001 often used regi 20-1101 and 20-1102
Jordan – Jordan Government A318 VQ-BDD  / Gulf 650  VQ-BCE / B737-700BBJ
Kazahkstan A330 UP-A3001 or B767/B757/A319 and some others
Lithuania – small private bizjet
Malaysia B737-700BBJ M53-01/ Royal Malaysian Air Force A319 9M-NAA
Mexico B757-200 TP-01
Morocco – Morocco Government FA50 CN-ANO / B737-800BBJ / B747-400 + C130H support
New Zealand  B757-200 Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing
Norway – Norwegian Air Force Da20
Pakistan – Pakistan Air Force GLF4 J-755/J-756 , A310 J-757 or PIA A310 aircraft
Poland Embraer ERJ-175
Nigeria B737-700BBJ 5N-FGT / Falcon 7X
Philippines – Philippines Airlines A340/A330
Romania A310  / B737 Tarom?
Russia: IL96/Tu204
Saudi Arabia – many options B747-400 / B757. King Abdullah might bring a couple of planes to Amsterdam. For a state visit to the UK he once used 5 aircraft. Boeing 747-SP HZ-HM1B seems a likely candidate. We might see a medical aircraft as well. During a visit to Japan in February 2014 of Crown Prince Salman the following aircraft were seen:
HZ-101 B737BBJ Saudi Air Force, Saudia Arabian government B747SP HZ-HM1C, Saudi Medevac Gulfstream 5 HZ-MS5B, Saudi Arabian Government Airbus A340-213X HZ-HMS2
Singapore – does not have government aircraft. likely Singapore Airlines B777 or hired aircraft
Spain – Air Force A310 T22-1 or Falcon 900B
South Africa – B737 -700BBJ South African Air Force ZS-RSA
South Korea: B747-400  10001 ex HL7465 callsign KAF1  flightradar24 tracking
Sweden – Swedish Air Force Gulfstream
Switserland – Swiss Air Force Cessna 560 / Falcon 900EX
Thailand – B737-400/ A319CJ / A310 / THAI Airways A340?
Turkey Airbus A319 TC-ANA
United Kingdom – Bae146 + scheduled flights?
Vietnam – Vietnam Airlines B777 / A330-200 ?
Ukraine – Il-62 UR-86528 / A319CJ UR-ABA

United Arab Emirates – many choices, B747, Boeing 787 A6-PFC wishful thinking here.
United States – USAF B747 / VC-25 Air Force One + some supporting B737/B757

European Union: As from Portugal José Manuel Barroso might use Portuguese Air Force aircraft. Scheduled service more likely.

Weather forecast
Schiphol Airport weather forecast by the BBC

Sun rise and sunset.

the image below shows sunrise and sunset in the period of NSS in local time.


Airspace restrictions
The airspace around The Hague will be closed for all regular aviation. See this map 

Civil rights

Simple, none during the NSS, If you are asked to move just follow orders. If police want to bodysearch or question you, just let them. Avoid having contact with authorities.

Additional links

Twitter account of NSS2014 organization
NSS2014 website

 Haarlems Dagblad Schiphol spotters verheugen zich op top vliegtuigspotters geweerd bij top Schiphol ontmoedigt vliegtuigspotters tijdens NSS

NRC Randstad op slot voor nucleaire top. Maar wie denkt aan de vliegtuigspotter?

RTL vliegtuigspotten, vergeet het maar 


The Beast komt naar Nederland (about the special car of Obama)
Nucleaire top gaat ten koste van reguliere politie-inzet
Obama slaapt op de Noordzee

Verkeershinder door beveiliging bij nucleaire top Den Haag

Valkenburg weer even vliegbasis

Abe (Prime Minister Japan) mulling attending Nuclear Security Summit in March

March 22 Saturday 

08:30lt Departure of the Canadian Air Force A310 from Amsterdam to Kiev.

+/- 12:00 Air China B777-300 CA002 Arrival of Chinese president Xi Jinping at Schiphol . He will do a statevisit before attending the NSS. (arrived)

Arrival of 4  USAF C17 to bring cargo to Schiphol airport. Most likely  his car (The Beast), his ambulance and many other support cars.

0947 RCH374 05-5142 arrived
1011 RCH482 05-5144 arrived
1122 RCH373 01-0188 arrived
1241 RCH372 96-0005 arrived

ETA 12:45 LT JAF001 B744 20-1101 HND-AMS Japan Self Defence Air Force (very much delayed. Expect arrival in the dark)
ETA 13:15 LT JAF002 B744 20-1102 HND-AMS Japan Self Defence Air Force (very muchdelayed Expect arrival in the dark)

5N-FGT B737 NGR001 eta 1805 Nigerian Air Force local. Landed in Rome last night
15001 CC150 CFC01 eta 2110 Canadian Air Force local from Kiev

March 23, Sunday

Already arrived A330 Kazachstan, G450 Georgia, ERJ145 Brasil, 2 x JASDF B747-400,

1351-xxxx Brazilian Air Force ERJ145 2585 BRS0015

1405 Japan Self Defense Air Force B747-400 20-1102 JF1
around 14:30 EK-RA01 A319 Armenia Government ARR4001

1450 Japan Self Defense Air Force B747-400  20-1101 JF002

delegations of Singapore and Indonesia arrived on scheduled flights.
A Turkish Airlines B737-800 arrived at Schiphol for NSS. President Gul was on board.

Korean Air Force B747-400 landed Schiphol 14:27 . Was not seen at FR24

 Vietnam B777 VN-A142
Very rough ETA Schiphol 18:00

M53-01 BBJ van Royal Malaysian AF was seen near Dubai. Fuelstop on its way to Amsterdam?
it departed around 13:00 local Amsterdam time from Dubai as RMF416 in a northerly direction.
I expect this one to arrive around 20:00 at Schiphol

Pakistan AF G450 J-756 as PAK2 FR24  likely goes to Amsterdam. Arrival around 17:15

USAF Gulfstream C-37B tail nr 09-0525 as SAM 622 ETA 20:20
IL96 RA-96019 Russia Government landed around 20:30
DAL8879 is a Delta 767-332ER N172DN which flew US press to the summit. Arrived around 20.20

Gabon B777 will arrive at Rotterdam airport at 22:50

March 24 Monday

NOS has a liveblog about arrivals of the NSS. Some very nice videos and information here.

This is a live broadcast and some repeats about the NSS including shots taken at Schiphol

according a Tweet of @fmcnl:

USAF Boeing VC-25A tail nr 92-9000 airborne Andrews Air Force Base 01:05 GMT as Air Force One

USAF Boeing C-32A tail nr 98-0002 airborne Andrews Air Force Base 01:10 GMT as SAM 44

So, AF1 92-9000 B747-200 Obama will arrive March 24 around 0900 – 0930 (new arrival time because of 2 hours delays in departure, time depending on the wind enroute) in the morning at Schiphol. Immediately after arrival he will board his VH60 Whitehawk helicopter. This will land at the Museumplein at Amsterdam. Likely the heli is guarded by the 6 Blackhawk helicopters.

He is expected to depart March 25 in the late afternoon with  Air Force One to Brussels. The two VH-60 helicopters will likely be picked up at Rotterdam airport.

+/- 0900-0930 USAF C25 AF1

+/-0900-0930 USAF C-32 SAM44
10:15 Algeria Government 7T-VPC GLF4  departure 1115lt photo

11:00 Czech Air Force A319 CEF2   2801 arrived
11:15 Danish Air Force  CL604 Danish2 C-172 arrived
11:30 Swiss Air Force Falcon900 Suisse1  T-785 arrived
11:45 Lihuanian Air Force C27 LYF217  06 arrived
11:45 Ukraine Government IL62 Ukraine6103 did not arrive. cancelled???

11:15  Polish Government Embraer 175 as LO7041 ex WAW/BZG at Schiphol. arrived
12:15 Italian Air Force A319 I9002 did not arrive. Falcon instead
12:25 United Arab Emirates Amiri Flight A320 A6-DLM cs AUH07 arrived
13:00 Spanish Air Force Airbus A310 AME4534 T.22-A cancelled
13:25 French AirForce Falcon 7x F-RAFA arrived
13:55 RAF Bae146 ZE700 arrived

16:13 A6-SIL B777-300 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight)  AUH3  photo CONFIRMED

17:55 Swedish Air Force G550 102005 photo

???? A6-AUH Boeing 737-8EX BBJ2  United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight) photo not sure


2 thoughts on “Nuclear Security Summit 2014 planespotting info

  1. Yannick van Praag

    Hello, very usefull guide I’m sure very pleased with the information given here (not so with how it comes out for the spotters but anyway…).
    Just a quick question, I hope it doesn’t make me seem like an idiot asking it:

    You mention that the ‘restricted zone’ (so that’s the whole green area around 18R/36L and 18C/36C) will be effective as of 20:00 on Sunday 23th.
    On the other side … delegations are most likely to arrive on Sunday and on Monday, but if the closure is only as of 20:00hrs, wouldn’t that suggest that all arrivals on Sunday will be after 20hrs , and consequently in complete darkness..?
    Or do you see any chance they will let the delegations arrive without the secured perimiter effective?

    Just so we all understand it clear. 😉
    Best regards, Yannick


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